Nottingham GRP Roofing

Nottingham GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing Nottingham. We specialise in GRP flat roofing and replacement GRP roofing. GRP stands for ‘glass reinforced plastic’, and  done right it is one of the strongest and best flat roofing products on the market also known as fibreglass roofing our GRP flat roofs stand the test of time, we are the Nottingham GRP Roofing Spcialists, all our work is mainly in and around Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. GRP Roofing Nottingham.

Evoplain are Nottingham’s best flat roofing company. We have many years experience in fibreglass and no one does GRP roofing it better then Evoplain Roofing Services.

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GRP Flat Roofing: A Great Option For All Flat Roofs

Otherwise known as Glass Reinforced Plastic – GRP roofing, is more commonly known simply as fibreglass roofing, The plastic finish gets its strength from the glass fibres used in its application. A long lasting mix that seals your fibreglass flat roof against all the weather can throw at it.

Weatherproof and maintenance free, GRP roofing is now the most popular choice for flat roofing.

Short term, it is slightly more expensive than a felt system, but this is reflected in the quality and durability of the product by comparison.

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